Hi Members
Just a brief message from our last club meeting on November 3rd.  We met and discussed our charitable donations and decided to donate $250.00 to four great charities.  Boys and Girls Club, Meals on Wheels, Humane Society and Holiday Helpers for a total of $1,000.00 for this year.
We also discussed putting more support and money to the ground of snowmobiling in supporting things like: The Pink Ribbon Riders, The Ladies Back Country Ride, and supporting a local vintage sled event at Pilot Creek Parking Area.  It seems like the members at the meeting are very interested in supporting things that will promote more snowmobiling ideas. So if you have anything you think might be a good idea let us know.
As you might have seen some of us went to the Shoshone Forest Service Cooperator Cake and coffee thank you.  It was very nice of the Forest Service to recognize all of the Cooperators like us and say thank you to all of us for our help and dedication to help improve the forest for all enthusiasts. 
The club has also been looking at putting in a grant with the Wyoming State Trails for the purchase of a heavy duty work sled to help us with the trail staking and marking. These types of sleds are built for work and are just perfect for pulling our very heavy staking sled trailer. The grant was turned in and we will know in January if our grant will be picked out of many other folks applying for funds across the state.
Also we have the Wyoming State Snowmobile Association raffle ticket for club members to sell for 1 for $10.00 or 6 for $50.00.  Great prizes, Visa gift cards 1st-$1,000, 2nd-$750, 3rd-$500 and 20=$50.00 winners.  Plus our local club receive half the money from the tickets we sell o help with our yearly fund raisers.  Stop by Denny Menholt Chevy and see Bert if you would like to help sell the tickets or buy some.
The Holliday season is coming fast and if you would like I could send you what I want for Christmas HAHA. The club will be working on a float this year for Cody's Christmas Parade Dec 5th.  We have the use of a Big Pickup and a 30 ft gooseneck flatbed trailer to decorate .  We will be decorating the float at the Denny Menholt shop Dec 5th for the parade that night. We will need all the hands we can get to decorate plus club members to ride on the float.  We will meet at the Menholt shop at 10:00 am. We will keep you all posted.
You all may have seen the email Jenni sent out about CCSA dues.  Great email from Jenni so if you have not sent in your CCSA dues please do so.  We don't want miss you and all your help really helps the sport of snowmobiling. Plus we would love to see you at our next club meeting at the Law Enforcement Center Wednesday December 2nd 6:30.  It was a very quick vote we are having a simple carry-in dinner.  Dose not matter what it is we are snowmobilers we eat anything HA HA.
CCSA President