Cody Country Snowmobile Association

Meeting Notes

 Feb. 1st 2017



Meeting Called to order by Dustin Rosencrance. 11 Members Attended


Treasure Report:

Total Club Assets =22,236.19

Donations received at the Shelter -154.00


Club Expenses in January:

$346.01 Avalanche Awareness Event Pizza Dinner

$98.00 Office supplies

$150.00 Awards

$250.00 Backcountry Ladies Ride Donation


Ed Higbie Approved Report

Brenda Miller 2nd the Approval


Old Business:

Award ceremony on Jan. 27th went well. 

Congratulations to:

·        Male Snowmobiler of the Year- Jeremy Miller

·        Female Snowmobiler of the Year-Jenya Lamb

·        Youth Snowmobiler of the Year-Madison Rosencranse

·        Family of the Year-The Lynn Lamb Family

·        Business of the Year – Roger’s Sport Center

·        Snowmobiler of the Decade – Rob Marshall

·        Snowmobile Pioneer – Ed Higbie

A request for a possible new location for the award ceremony was brought up. It was suggested that we possibly host the event at someone’s home making it a little more personal and fun.  The request was approved for further discussion. 


Jan 28th Chili Feed was a Success!  The club surprised a lot of riders up at the Safety Shelter on the Wyoming Beartooths with a warm lunch.  We finished marking a few remaining trails and then had a blast riding the rest of the day. Thank you to everyone that helped make this happen. The club wanted to remind anyone that had expenses that need to be paid for this event to please turn them into the club. 


 New Business:

 Fun Days -  WSSA Fun Days registration is now open. It will be March 3rd, 4th, and 5th I in Alpine, WY. The club will be putting together a scrap book of this seasons club events to be showcase at this year’s Fun Days. Raffle tickets for Fun Days will be due at the March Meeting. Ed Higbie motioned that we donate 1500.00 to Fun days.  Motion was passed by the club. The Club will also be putting together a Wyoming Cares Basket for the Silent Auction at Fun Days. Rob Marshall motioned the Club to spend a $100 on the basket plus local donations. Jessica Carter 2nd the motion. 


Upcoming Scholarship - There was a discussion about how the scholarships are dispersed and how the applicate applies.   Applicable documents need to be received by WSSA Scholarship Chairman by Feb. 1st 2017.


Youth Day - March 11th 2017 at the March Meeting the club will need to set up a committee to organize and help with the event. The day will consist of Kids of all ages snowmobiling and sledding. They don’t have to be members of the club to attend. Hot dogs and Hot Chocolate will be provided. 


State Snow Budget 2016-2017 - Bert Miller brought the Wyoming Snow Program Budget for 2016-2017 and the ORV Program Budget for 2016-2016 the will be included in the email if anyone is interested in taking a look. 


Rob Marshall motioned for the meeting to be adjourned.  Cameron Boni 2nd the Motion. 


Next Cody Country Snowmobile Association Meeting – March 1st 6:30 PM 


UPCOMING EVENTS: Fun Days - March 3rd, 4th, 5th Alpine WY,  Youth Day - March 11th 2017 – More details to follow after the March Meeting