The Cody Country Snowmobile Association (CCSA) will be offering a scholarship to a graduating high school student enrolling in college. This grant will be $500.00 and will be given to the selected applicant regardless of other grants or scholarships that the student may also receive.




  1. The applicant must be a member of CCSA in good standing according to the club by-laws. If the applicant is 18 years old or older they must have their own membership according to the club by-laws.
  2. The applicant must submit his/her resume showing their involvement in the snowmobiling community and with CCSA. This resume must include his/her grade point average of no less than 2.5.
  3. The applicant must submit a copy of their acceptance to the college in which they will be attending or proof of enrollment in college.
  4. The applicant must include a short essay about the sport of snowmobiling and the importance of snowmobile clubs in the community.
  5. The applicant may only receive this grant one time.


All applications from high school and currently enrolled college students must be received by March 11th of the current snowmobile season. The winner of the Cody Country Snowmobile Association Scholarship will be announced at the club meeting in April.


In the event that no applications are received from a graduating high school student, applications from members that are already attending college will be reviewed for the scholarship.


CCSA’s Board of Directors will review all applications submitted and select the winner of the scholarship in accordance with the application requirements and CCSA’s by-laws. 


If you have any questions contact Bert Miller at 587-4455.


Submit Applications to:

            Cody Country Snowmobile Association

Attn: Scholarship Chairman

            P.O. Box 1745

            Cody, Wy 82414



CCSA’s Purpose: (taken from the by-laws)


A.           To promote good will and enhance the image of the sport of snowmobiling.

B.           To promote and preserve existing snowmobile areas.

C.           To study the development of new snowmobile areas.

D.           To cultivate cordial relations among the members of the club and encourage cooperation with private land owners, the Forest Service, the National Park, the Game and Fish Commission and other federal, state and local agencies to obtain permission to use such property for the benefit of snowmobilers.

E.           To promote safety in the use of snowmobiles.




The Cody Country Snowmobile Association (CCSA) is proud to provide our high school and college members this scholarship opportunity. The funding for this scholarship comes from donations and monies earned from club activities throughout the year. The members of CCSA work very hard to make these activities successful.


Good Luck from the members of CCSA and the Board of Directors.




Donations to CCSA’s Scholarship fund can be sent to:


            CCSA Scholarship

            P.O. Box 1745

            Cody, Wy 82414